Winning at Company Culture

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Is employee turnover at an all-time high? Is morale down? It might be time to evaluate your company’s culture. Studies have shown that a positive workplace culture leads to increased productivity, better employee morale and the ability to keep skilled workers.

Entrepreneur Magazine describes company culture as “the personality of an organization from the employee perspective, and includes the company’s mission, expectations and work atmosphere.

Clinic Service was recently featured in a ColoradoBiz Magazine article on how we succeed at company culture within our workplace. For four years in a row, Clinic Service has been awarded a Top Workplace by The Denver Post, so we must be doing something right!

What is the outcome of a positive work culture?

  • Fear and stress decreases.
  • People seek employment in the company and stay, taking the company a long way toward winning the war for talent.
  • Organizational learning becomes effortless, with the tribe actively teaching its members the latest thinking and practices.
  • People’s overall health statistics improve. Injury rates and sick days go down.

What steps can you take to create positive work culture?

  • Provide support for employees, including offering kindness and compassion when others are struggling.
  • Avoid blame and forgive mistakes.
  • Encourage your employees to talk to you.
  • Celebrate wins.
  • Give positive reinforcement.

Clinic Service tries to provide the best possible environment for our people to perform. The subsequent positive outcomes are reflected back to our clients in the form of results.

“People come to work to do their best and a relaxed, happy, comfortable environment allows people to do their best work in a sustainable fashion,” said Clinic Service CEO Andrew Graham.

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