How to Choose a Medical Billing Company

Choosing a medical billing services company is one of the most important decisions you can make for your medical practice, clinic, group or hospital. How quickly claims are processed and how much money is collected on each claim can dramatically … Read More

EHRs Can Frustrate Patients Seeking Billing Answers

While there are many benefits to adopting an EHR for your medical practice, in our experience, many practices are not given the full picture of how adopting an EHR will change their practice internally and from a patient-facing perspective. We’ve … Read More

Managing the Beginning-of-the-Year Cash Crunch

Our CEO Andrew Graham was recently interviewed for Phreesia’s blog, talking about how to manage that beginning-of-the-year cash crunch. The post below originally appeared on Phreesia. When it comes to cash flow during the first few months of the year, … Read More

Do EHRs Lower Billing Costs? In Short, No

EHRs have been touted as a way of bringing greater administrative efficiency into medical practices, but do EHRs lower billing costs? In short, no. According to a recent study from JAMA, EHRs do not lower administrative costs associated with billing. … Read More

MedPAC, MIPS & VVP: What You Need to Know

Since the adoption of MIPS in 2017, there’s been some debate over whether MIPS does what it intends to do, which is reward providers for the value of their care and for positive patient outcomes. This month, the Medicare Payment … Read More

Our Commitment to the Independent Doc

There’s little doubt 2017 was a crazy year on the healthcare front. We witnessed multiple ACA repeal attempts, the removal of the individual mandate, and a bunch of huge healthcare mergers. From where we sit, it doesn’t look like 2018 … Read More

Wishing You a Merry Christmas and a Restful New Year

The last word we’d usually use to describe the holiday season is “restful”; many of us are rushing around to buy last-minute gifts, making travel plans, and trying to get everything wrapped up at work before 2018 hits. Let’s change … Read More

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